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1.       Airfoils At Low Speeds

a.       By:

                                       i.      Michael S. Selig

                                     ii.      James J. Guglielmoohn F. Donovan

                                    iii.      David B. Fraser



2.       Summary of Low-Speed Airfoil Data Volume 1

a.       By:

                                       i.      Michael S. Selig

                                     ii.      James J. Guglielmo

                                    iii.      Andy P. Broeren

                                    iv.      Philippe Giguere



3.       Summary of Low-Speed Airfoil Data Volume 2

a.       By:

                                       i.      Michael S. Selig

                                     ii.      Christopher A. Lyons

                                    iii.      Philippe Giguere

                                    iv.      Cameron P. Ninham

                                      v.      James J. Guglielmo



4.       Entering Electrics

a.       By: Harry Higley



5.       There are NO SECRETS

a.       By: Harry Higley



6.       Radio System Operating Manual (Stylus)

a.       By: Airtronics Inc.



7.       Building and Flying Electric-Powered Model Aircraft

a.       By: Mitch Poling

b.       Publisher Kalmbach Books



8.       Covering Model Aircraft (Radio Control Handbooks)

a.       By: Ian Peacock

b.       Publisher Argus Books



9.       Soar Tech Number Nine November 1992

a.       By: H. A. (Herk) Stokely

b.       Publisher Soar Tech



10.   The Quiet Revolution

The complete Manual of Electric Propulsion Systems

a.       By: Robert J. Boucher

b.       Publisher -- by Astro Flight



11.   Scale Aircraft Documentation and Resource Guide

a.       By: Bob Banka



12.   Radio Control Foam Modelling

a.       By: David Thomas



13.   Model Aircraft Aerodynamics

a.       By: Martin Simons

b.       Publisher Argus Books



14.   Composite Construction for Homebuilt Aircraft

a.       By: Jack Lambie

b.       Publisher -- Aviation Publishers




1.       Elmira Aerotow 1996 VHS



2.       Vacuum Bagging Composite wings

a.       By: Greco Technologies


      3.       Harmony with the wind

4.       Lift Ticket 2000

a.       By: David Reese/Reese Productions


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32a Lift Ticket.pdf    

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