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2011 Los Banos Scale Sailplane Event

Jan. 2010 TD Contest

2009 Holiday Dinner Party

Nov. 09 TD Contest

Los Banos Aero-tow & Slope Fun Fly

Oct. 09 TD Contest

Take Flight for Kids 2009

July 09 TD Contest

2009 Los Banos Scale Sailplane Event

Slope/Thermal flying at Mission Peak

2009 Dartmouth flying activity

March 09 TD contest

Oct. 2008 TD Contest

Thermal Flying at Dartmouth

Take Flight for Kids

July 2008 SCCMAS (Tomcats) Model Airshow

2008 Los Banos Scale Sailplane Event Photos

Mission Flying March 2008

PCC Glider Day

Nov. 2007  Thermal Contest

Expanded Thermal Contest
October 2007

RES Thermal Contest July 2007

2007 Los Banos Scale Sailplane Event

March 2007 Thermal Contest

2006 Club Xmas Party Pictures



When Aero-Tows Go Very Wrong.....Ouch!!

See what scale planes see over the Los Banos Reservoir-Onboard Camera

Scale Sloping in England...another Chris Williams masterpiece



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